Moonlading Ventures

Our Thesis

Information technology evolves in multi-decade cycles.

The new asset class combining blockchain technology and novel economic models present an investment opportunity that will grow to commoditize the prevalent business models and kickstart a new wave of innovation.

Moonlanding Ventures enables all LPs to participate in the greatest innovation of decades.

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We research, invest, yield-farm, mine, stake ‘and others’ that produces attractive returns.

All projects we allocate to are led by strong teams, offer novel solutions and have ardent communities.

We deploy capital throughout the crypto space, namely in:

  • Private VC early-stage tokens
  • Early-stage tokens on the secondary market
  • Big-cap tokens on the secondary market


The Team

We are a formal group of crypto addicts and professionals with backgrounds in Tech, Asset Management, VC and crypto.

Moonlanding Ventures has evolved from Merkle Tree Capital, the original crypto investment vehicle that participated in several successful projects since the early stage, such as Polkadot, Pocket Network, Ocean Protocol, Goodmoney, early-stage DeFi and others.